Welcome To The Gerrard Group

Alexander Michael Gerrard Esquire

Alexander Michael Gerrard Esquire

Created by Alexander Michael Gerrard Esquire, The Gerrard Group is a group management and holding company that is comprised of a select group of businesses that we believe to be utterly outstanding in their respective fields.

The Gerrard Group effectively serves as a sales and marketing company that is dedicated to ensuring a long future for what are deemed as exceptional businesses. Only businesses that are truly considered to be outstanding in their field are invited to become a part of The Gerrard Group. We believe in helping the “best of the best” to become even better!

What constitutes an “exceptional business” for us?

  • A dedication to deliver the highest quality of products or services in the respective market.
  • A solid commitment to offering a standard of customer service that is second to none.
  • A mission to provide their customers with value for money through their products or services.
  • The ability to meet relevant insurance and industry health and safety criteria coupled with a strong commitment to ensuring complete industry compliance.

Businesses that are fortunate enough to be part of The Gerrard Group range in both industry and size, from Wedding Venues and Wedding Catering businesses to Hog Roast Businesses and many more. Being a part of The Gerrard Group is a privilege to all of those involved. We provide all businesses in the group with quality marketing and sales support to help them not to just survive, but to prosper in today’s tough economic climate. The size of the company and the industry they operate in is irrelevant to us – what we care about is that the business offers a truly exceptional offering to its customers.

A business can have a quality product or service but can struggle to make a name for itself in the market, and this can happen due to several different reasons. The Gerrard Group aims to reward businesses that offer a truly great product or service by using our experience and expertise to help the business to thrive and give them a platform to establish themselves as leading players in their respective market.